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Who should attend?

Chartered Accountants (CAs), Associate General Accountants (AGAs) and Accounting Technicians (ATs)

This session is for those individuals that wish to discover, explore, and expand their yoga practice. This empowering practice is known to bring strength, balance, and calm into the lives of those who are curious, and committed enough to connect.



The strain of sitting for increased periods of time in front of a computer screen, impacts negatively on the physical body. Collectively, this affects immunity, clarity in thinking and effective decision making, inter-personal communication and productivity. You are invited to reclaim you calm, through connecting, breathing, and movement. This holistic practice will help you quieten your mind and relax your body, elevate your mood and enhance your immunity. You will become more productive and cultivate a mindful response to daily challenges – so create you space through our livestreamed class. This is yoga ONLINE.



Tuesday, 7 July

Thursday, 9 July



19h00 – 20h00




In the uncertainty of today’s work environment, many people are under undue stress of maintaining both their work and home demands. This has led to an increase in anxiety and depression, mental and physical burnout. Yoga is a universal science of well-being, teaching you how to connect mind, body and spirit. In today’s changing work environment, increased work/home demands and total absorption in screen time, impact negatively on physical, mental and emotional health.



The session is complimentary, however booking is essential

Please note that this session will be hosted by the yoga instructor via Zoom.



Nalini Hannooman is a certified Yoga teacher, with an alternative therapy background, working in the field of healing through Yoga and Ayurveda. Her profound love for Yoga started at an early age, and has motivated her throughout the years, as she continues to learn.


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