SAICA Leadership in a time of crisis series

Webcast #12: Virtual communication – Practical tools delivered by voice and communication specialists to increase engagement and effectiveness of online meetings and to obtain better results out of your online presentations


Who should attend?

SAICA members and associates [CA(SA)/AGA(SA)/AT] and trainees and members of the public



Do your online meetings feel like a bore? Do they exceed specified times with no end in sight? The world is moving fast and we are having to adapt our businesses to online platforms. Meetings, conference calls and reviews that would normally have taken place face to face are now not as tangible as they used to be. Engaging others through a screen takes a shift in skills and capabilities. This new communication style is crucial as it is fundamental to new core business practices, especially when the stakes are high and a simple email will just not land the message with enough impact.


Learning Outcomes:

  • How to conduct effective and productive conversations using digital platforms.
  • Use your posture, body, gestures and eye-line to connect and portray both warmth and confidence.
  • Engage your virtual audience to get participation.
  • Learn simple techniques to structure your virtual meeting to get results, including, preparation and pre and post- communication.
  • Have better quality conversations every time you communicate.


Session Content:

  • How to set up your video for delivering a professional presence online in virtual meetings spaces
  • The do’s and don’ts of on screen presence- dress code, visibility etc.
  • How to manage your online presence and use your voice and body language to connect, be clear and drive engagement
  • The importance of establishing meeting guidelines and etiquette
  • How to generate human connection and invite participation and engagement
  • How to manage group conversations effectively
  • Tips on shifting your presentation and slides to online presenting.
  • Pre-workshop prep- setting up and sharing a flexible agenda and using it as a focus tool in real time.
  • Planning the meeting structure and getting buy-in
  • How to close meetings with clear actions and follow up strategies to get stuff done
  • How to manage the quality of your meetings and continuously improve



08h00 – 09h00



09h00 – 09h15



About our presenter

Juliette is the Co-Director of the Dynamic Voice Company.  She is a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (Modelling), a Lessac Voice Teacher (Lessac Institute, New York) and internationally certified Systemic Constellations Coach. She has worked for many years in Corporate Communication, helping organisations find creative solutions for their business communication challenges using performance and arts-based techniques. She is a sought-after professional keynote speaker and body language expert, speaking on topics such Power Presence, Authenticity, Inclusion and Influence.

Juliette also a has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Drama & English Literature as well as a Performer’s Diploma in Speech & Drama from the University of Cape Town. She has worked locally and internationally for the last 18 years as an actress, director, comedy improviser and voice artist.

Her wealth of expertise gives Juliette’s coaching methodology deeply practical resources in building authentic, powerful leadership presence and collaboration. Her knowledge and skill in understanding team dynamics, strategic communication and building influential relationships translating into simple yet powerful tools to increase the personal impact of her clients. Her one-on-one coaching is focused on leadership, tackling issues of personal mastery, transformation, inclusion and diversity with the view to building richly resourced leaders who maximise the talent of their teams and deliver excellent results.


CPD Hours

SAICA’s CPD policy has changed effective 1 January 2020 from an input measurement basis to an output measurement basis. Learning and the development of professional competence is unique to each member and should be aligned to your personal needs identified in your reflective learning plans. For further information and guidance, go to SAICA’s CPD website. The competencies being addressed in this seminar are:

  • Relational acumen: Communication skills
  • Relational acumen: Relationship-building skills

If you are required to log CPD hours (for instance if you are a SAICA Tax Practitioner or registered with other professional bodies or organisations such as the IOD, SAIPA, SAIT etc.), please note that this seminar affords you 1.15 hours of CPD.



Please note this session is complimentary.