SAICA Leadership in a time of crisis series

Webcast # 1: Getting Practical for SMEs (Thursday, 2 April 2020)



The first webcast in our series will focus on guidance for small and medium businesses on how to stay afloat in these challenging and difficult times. Our experts will provide advice on:

  • Strategies and tips to navigate this crisis
  • Opportunities in a crisis
  • Human capital and legal considerations
  • Taking advantage of government economic interventions


Who should attend?

SAICA members and associates [CA(SA)/AGA(SA)/AT] and trainees and members of the public



Session 1: How to stay afloat in difficult times

Our presenter, York Zucchi will provide strategies and tips for entrepreneurs and business advisers on how stay afloat during these difficult times with practical real life examples.  He will answer the question of “What can we do now, while we are in a lockdown to think about how we will change our business model to thrive in the new world of business?” The session will be facilitated by Jeanne Viljoen, SAICA Project Director: Practices


Session 2: Human capital and legal considerations in a time of crisis

Our presenter, Marc Humphries, will cover the following during this session:

  • Workplace issues:
    • Employer’s Duty in light of COVID-19
    • Working From Home
    • Leave entitlements resulting from employer imposed quarantine,  self-quarantine and/or government imposed quarantine
    • The effect of a government imposed closure of business on the employment relationship
  • Navigating commercial contractual obligations with regard to partial performance, non-performance or disruptions


Session 3: Review of economic interventions announced by the government

We will review all of the economic interventions announced by the government and practical advice on how to access these interventions.  Jeanne Viljoen, SAICA Project Director: Practices, will facilitate this session with presenters Piet Nel, SAICA Project Director: Professional Development (Tax) and Juanita Steenkamp, SAICA Project Director: Governance and Non-IFRS Reporting.


About our presenters

York Zucchi

York Zucchi is a Swiss-born investor and entrepreneur in Africa since 2007. He was previously at Goldman Sachs where he contributed towards the global financial meltdown. He has started numerous businesses (healthcare, IT tourism, academia, etc); some failed and some succeeded. He is passionate about entrepreneurship, Africa and coffee and believes that the right mixture of these 3 will make Africa the continent to be for the next 20 years. He gets featured a lot in the press (Financial Times, Wall Street Journal and Entrepreneur Magazine) but doubts anyone actually understands what he really does for a living.

In 2016 he co-founded the SME Movement, an initiative to fix the SME support ecosystem which is now active in over 83 countries ( and whose aim is to support 100 million SMEs by 2022.  He can be found on LinkedIn, Twitter


Marc Humphries

Marc Humphries is an admitted attorney (non-practicing) and a Regional Divisional Director in the Johannesburg office of RSM South Africa.

He is qualified with a Bachelor of Commerce in Law, Insurance and Risk, as well as a Bachelor of Laws (Cum Laude) and a Certificate in Advanced Company Law. Marc specialises in Labour Law and has extensive experience in corporate commercial legal matters.


Jeanne Viljoen

Jeanne was appointed as Project Director for Practices in January 2016. Her role is to meet the needs of SAICA’s members in practice, with specific reference to Small and Medium Practices (SMPs). This includes liaising with government stakeholders, assistance with guidance and technical, operational, and practice management queries, and liaising with member to better understand their needs, challenges and opportunities, and to tailor solutions accordingly.

She is a member of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (CA(SA)) and the Independent Regulatory Board of Auditors (IRBA). She earned her Bachelor in Commerce (Law) at the University of the Free State and completed her articles at Moores Rowland Bloemfontein.

Jeanne has gained extensive experience through senior accountant and management roles for a variety of companies and accounting / auditing firms. Before joining SAICA she owned her own small accounting practice in Pretoria.


Piet Nel

Piet Nel is a CA(SA) who specializes in taxation.

Currently, he is the Project Director professional development (tax) at SAICA.  He previously was the project director for tax at SAICA for a period of three years.  Before joining SAICA again, he was involved in tax consulting and tax dispute resolution.  He is an accounting member of the Tax Court.

He is a visiting professor at Wits and was previously a lecturer in tax at the University of Pretoria and UNISA at postgraduate level.

He was a member of SAICA’s national tax committee and is still quite active in the development of tax legislation in South Africa by commenting on proposed legislation.

Over a period of more than three decades, he presented numerous tax seminars and workshops to tax practitioners.  He regularly speaks on radio and TV and publishes articles.

He is involved, as a member of the SAICA Examination Committee, in setting the entrance examination for CA (SAs).


Juanita Steenekamp

Juanita Steenekamp, CA(SA) Project Director: Governance and Non-IFRS Reporting

Juanita Steenekamp CA(SA) is responsible for Governance and Non-IFRS Reporting advice and services to SAICA members.

Part of Steenekamp’s portfolio includes dealing with various legislation, and mostly the Companies and Close Corporations Acts. She provides guidance and information to SAICA members and coordinates submissions to the DTI and other state entities.

Further, her responsibilities include that of providing a secretarial function to the Legal Compliance Committee and the eXtensible Business Reporting Language (South Africa) board and working group.

Steenekamp was part of the group which compiled the SAICA Companies Act guide. Prior to joining SAICA Juanita worked for Eskom, where, after completing her articles, she was employed as a financial advisor in the financial reporting department.



08h00 – 08h45 How to stay afloat in difficult times

08h45 – 09h30 Human capital and legal considerations in a time of crisis

09h30 – 10h15 Review of economic interventions announced by the government


CPD Hours

SAICA’s CPD policy has changed effective 1 January 2020 from an input measurement basis to an output measurement basis. Learning and the development of professional competence is unique to each member and should be aligned to your personal needs identified in your reflective learning plans. For further information and guidance, go to SAICA’s CPD website. The competencies being addressed in this seminar are:

  • Business acumen: Business internal environment
  • Business acumen: Business external environment
  • Business acumen: Innovation and creativity

If you are required to log CPD hours (for instance if you are a SAICA Tax Practitioner or registered with other professional bodies or organisations such as the IOD, SAIPA, SAIT etc.), please note that this seminar affords you 2 hours of CPD.



Please note this session is complimentary.