SAICA Leadership in a time of crisis series

Webcast #5: Business unusual: Future of work and organisational mindset (Wednesday, 8 April 2020)


Who should attend?

SAICA members and associates [CA(SA)/AGA(SA)/AT] and trainees and members of the public



In this 5th webcast of our series we will focus on the future of work, how to develop your inherent creative ability and to consider the future role of accountants. Willem van der Post, futurist will focus on working trends in the future, has the way we have worked during this lockdown change the way we work in future? What are the international trends related to remote work? How will this future of work impact other areas of business? In the second session, Duncan Stewart, artist and coach will engage the audience in how to develop their inherent creativity. Why is creativity important in the future of work? He will provide practical strategies to rewire your brain to unlock creativity. In the final session, Mandi Olivier will discuss the relevance and role of accountants in the future which will lead the audience into how the revised CPD policy will work from 2020.



Session 1 (08h00 – 08h45)

How Coronavirus will shape working trends in future from a local and global perspective from an organisational and people perspective

Willem van der Post, CEO of xTech.Capital


Session 2 (08h45 – 09h30)

Developing and enhancing your inherent creativity as a tool to future proof yourself

Duncan Stewart, internationally trained and locally resident fine artist


Session 3 (09h30 – 10h15)

Will accountants still have a role to play in the future and what do they need to do to remain relevant – Revised CPD policy presentation

Mandi Olivier, SAICA Senior Executive: Pre-Qualification Professional Development


About our presenters

Willem van der Post

Willem is the CEO of xTech.Capital – an exponential technology venture capital firm. With a commercial background in banking, insurance, venture capital and private equity, Willem’s technology exposure and collaboration with Singularity University both in the US and in SA, has been plied towards helping organisations to both digitally and structurally transform into exponential organisations. Before founding xTech.Capital, Willem was the managing partner for Deloitte Africa – Center for the Edge; a disruption innovation business with a focus on exponential technology. He serves as strategic advisor to the boards of various international fintech platform businesses, is chairman of the Future Faces education crowd funding NPO, and is also the founder of the xTech.Institute.


Duncan Stewart

Duncan Stewart is an internationally trained and locally resident fine artist. He is well known for his dynamic oil paintings, drawings and sculptures that tell visual stories affirming or challenging preconceived paradigms. He believes any meaningful change, whether personal or global, begins at the point of individual worldviews – how we see and think about the world and ourselves in the world. He is also passionate about creativity, and hosts workshops around the country which focus on discovering the creative potential within individuals and organisations.



Mandi Olivier

Mandi Olivier CA(SA), who started at SAICA in 2005 has overall responsibility for all aspects related to pre-qualification as a CAs(SA) within the Professional Development unit. This includes Education, Exams and Training. The Professional Development unit forms part of Nation Building.  Her responsibilities include developing and implementing strategy for the Professional Development Unit, overseeing the setting and administration of the Qualifying Exams (Part I and Part II), defining the competency framework for CAs(SA) at entry level into the profession, overseeing training and the training requirements, and the strategy and implementation of the Professional Development unit. Before joining SAICA, Mandi was an Associate Director: Assurance Learning at Deloitte, where she was responsible for education and training. Previously she worked as an audit manager at Deloitte. Mandi has served previously on the Fasset Management Board, the Fasset Audit and Risk Committee and as a technical advisor on IFAC’s International Accounting Education Standards Board (IAESB).


CPD Hours

SAICA’s CPD policy has changed effective 1 January 2020 from an input measurement basis to an output measurement basis. Learning and the development of professional competence is unique to each member and should be aligned to your personal needs identified in your reflective learning plans. For further information and guidance, go to SAICA’s CPD website. The competencies being addressed in this seminar are:

  • Lifelong learning, values and attitudes: Adaptive mind set and agility
  • Business acumen: Innovation and creativity
  • Lifelong learning, values and attitudes: Self-development
  • Business acumen: Business internal environment
  • Business acumen: Business external environment

If you are required to log CPD hours (for instance if you are a SAICA Tax Practitioner or registered with other professional bodies or organisations such as the IOD, SAIPA, SAIT etc.), please note that this seminar affords you 2.5 hours of CPD.



Please note this session is complimentary.