SAICA Leadership in a time of crisis series

Webcast #21: How to use the energy of stress and turn it into success.


Who should attend?

SAICA members and associates [CA(SA)/AGA(SA)/AT(SA)] and trainees and members of the public



Every living person and every business experience stress. Now even more so during COVID-19 times.  In this online workshop, Dr Gustav Gous helps you to take the energy generated by stress and transform and channel it to achieve success. This online course will equip you to handle everything life throws at you. It provides you with ten new physical, emotional and mental mechanisms to handle stress and take control of your life. Let stress work for you – get to know how to use stress to achieve success.

Programme Content:

  • Stress is energy – use it
  • Understand the stress process
  • Discover the secret stress formula: S = TR2
  • Is stress good or bad?
  • Sources of stress: Identify stressors: Life in its full force
  • Strike back! Coping mechanisms
  • Sharpen existing coping mechanisms
  • Acquire 10 new tools to handle anything life throws at you.
  • Translate the 10 stress principles into new behavioral patterns
  • Thrive on stress! Use it to achieve success.

You will be empowered to handle everything that life is throwing in your direction – including the harsh realities of the COVID-19 period.


(09h00 – 10h00)


(10h00 – 10h30)



About our Speaker

Dr Gustav Gous

Dr Gustav Gous is an international inspirational speaker, executive coach and corporate consultant and intervention leader. Expert in the intra- and interpersonal aspects of business and life.

Fields of specialization includes:

– Stress management:  Unique stress formula to assist you to use the energy of stress and turn it into success.

– Life Planning: New architectural life plans for work/life integration and purposeful living (Shaping your life)

– Diversity Intelligence: How to get diverse people to work together towards a common goals  (Shaping your Team and customer relations)

– Personal development: Shaping your talent to bring out your brilliance through Diamond Profiling(c) (Shaping yourself).

– Emotional Intelligence, value formation

– Transforming Leadership interventions

– Keynote speaking: Motivation, Inspiration and encouragement

– Individual counselling and coaching


CPD Hours

SAICA’s CPD policy has changed effective 1 January 2020 from an input measurement basis to an output measurement basis. Learning and the development of professional competence is unique to each member and should be aligned to your personal needs identified in your reflective learning plans. For further information and guidance, go to SAICA’s CPD website. The competencies being addressed in this seminar are:

  • Relational acumen: People skills
  • Relational acumen: Self-management
  • Relational acumen: Emotional intelligence

If you are required to log CPD hours (for instance if you are a SAICA Tax Practitioner or registered with other professional bodies or organisations such as the IOD, SAIPA, SAIT etc.), please note that this seminar affords you 1.5 hours of CPD.



Please note this session is complimentary.