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Webcast #22: Africa + Tech: Megatrends that will shape your career


Who should attend?

SAICA members and associates [CA(SA)/AGA(SA)/AT(SA)] and trainees and members of the public



Have you ever wondered how Bill Gates became a software billionaire? Talent and hard work played a role for sure, but he also benefited from the momentum of a massive trend: the widespread use of the personal computer.


Not all of us are trying to be Bill Gates but one thing remains true for everyone: positioning yourself to successfully ride the right waves in your career is the smartest financial decision you can make. A high flying career simply has a much bigger impact on the choices you have in life than how much you save or how you invest.


In this talk, we delve deeper into what we mean by a trend, and illustrate the substantial impact trends can have on one’s career and lifestyle. In particular, we will consider the interaction of two current megatrends: the impending population explosion in Africa, and the effects of rapid technological innovation on professional work. No matter what industry or field you work in, the most successful careers over the next 30 years will be driven by these trends. You don’t want to look back and realise you missed this!


(10h30 – 11h30)


(11h30 – 12h00)



About our Speaker

Abu Addae

Abu is a qualified actuary, co-founder and CEO of LifeCheq, an innovative financial advisory firm working with professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners.

Before co-founding LifeCheq, he was a senior executive at Old Mutual and a member of the Executive Committee of the Emerging Markets business – one of the youngest to be appointed at this level in the company’s 170 year history.

Grant Appel

Grant is a qualified chartered accountant and business development manager at LifeCheq, an innovative financial advisory firm working with professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners.

Before joining LifeCheq, Grant worked at the financial services group PSG Konsult as an assistant to the group COO and CFO, working with executives on projects across the 4 divisions of the group.  In his current role, he combines his experience in personal financial services with his love for people, connecting individuals to a service that helps them reach their most important life goals.

CPD Hours

SAICA’s CPD policy has changed effective 1 January 2020 from an input measurement basis to an output measurement basis. Learning and the development of professional competence is unique to each member and should be aligned to your personal needs identified in your reflective learning plans. For further information and guidance, go to SAICA’s CPD website. The competencies being addressed in this seminar are:

  • Lifelong learning, values and attitudes: Self-development
  • Lifelong learning, values and attitudes: Adaptive mind set and agility
  • Business acumen: Business internal environment
  • Business acumen: Business external environment
  • Business acumen: Innovation and creativity
  • Relational acumen: Self-management

If you are required to log CPD hours (for instance if you are a SAICA Tax Practitioner or registered with other professional bodies or organisations such as the IOD, SAIPA, SAIT etc.), please note that this seminar affords you 1.5 hours of CPD.



Please note this session is complimentary.


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